Marine Lover's Guide to Snorkeling Equipment


Countless travelers visit beach locales each year to participate in marine activities like recreational boating, snorkeling, and whale watching. In fact, the beach is best for most travelers: 74% of survey respondents preferred to spend their vacations on the coast. That being said, if you're planning on participating in any of these activities, it helps to understand the equipment that's necessary, particularly when it comes to snorkeling. Here's a quick guide for marine lovers that will explain the fundamentals of the necessary equipment.

Equipment List

First, you'll need to understand the list of equipment needed for snorkeling. You will need more than just a snorkel -- you'll also require a face mask and fins. Some snorkelers also use exposure suits, regulators, BCDs (buoyancy compensating devices), and other high-tech gear. Your snorkeling guide or instructor can provide more insight regarding the best equipment to use during your offshore adventure.

Equipment Maintenance

Fortunately, there's not much maintenance required with your equipment. Plus, if you're going on a tour guided by a professional, you're unlikely to have to do any of your own equipment maintenance. All you need to do to clean your snorkel is rinse it with fresh water after each session. Some experts also recommend cleaning the mouthpiece with mouthwash to properly sanitize it for the next user.

Types of Snorkels

One thing that may surprise those interested in giving the activity a try are the different types of snorkels commonly used for the activity. For example, dry snorkels have a specialized top that's designed to prevent water from coming into the mouthpiece during rough waters. Flex snorkels are more flexible and enable the mouthpiece to 'drop away' from your face. There are many different types of snorkels, but most of them are contoured, which means they're designed to fit snugly against your face and provide an airtight seal.

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