3 Offshore Adventures To Enjoy During Your Hawaiian Vacation

offshore adventure

One of the best aspects of visiting beautiful Hawaii is the scenic ocean ripe with untouched wildlife. No Hawaiian vacation is complete without enjoying the offshore adventures few get to experience in their lifetime.

Don't be afraid to try these three offshore adventures the next time you visit Hawaii.

1. Dolphins

Have you ever wanted to swim with a dolphin? While you may have caught a glimpse of your first pod of dolphins from the shore, there's no better way to witness the beauty and grace of the ocean's smartest animal than by boating alongside them.

Dolphin watching has become one of the most successful tours in the world, and no state does it better than Hawaii. Enjoy the rich, blue waters of Hawaii with Pacific spinner dolphins as you try snorkeling for the first time. Here, you'll be able to see dolphins spin and play in their natural habitat. Try snapping a few pics while you're at it but remember these mammals are fast!

2. Snorkeling

Hawaii is known for its beautiful wildlife. Lush forests, luxurious beaches, and mountain peaks are enough to beckon just about anyone to its shores. But the true beauty of this magnificent ecosystem rests beneath the waves.

Luckily, you don't need a ton of experience to try snorkeling, making this a fun event for the whole family. If you've never tried snorkeling, now is the time to suit up. When you snorkel among the reef ecosystems of Hawaii, you'll see hundreds -- if not thousands -- of tropical fish flashing their gorgeous colors. You might even get the chance to see a manta ray gliding by. Get some exercise and witness the majestic sea life of Hawaii with a snorkeling tour today.

3. A Customized Tour

Whether you want to see dolphins, hear the songs of whales through a whale watching experience, or venture under the depths of the sea in a snorkeling adventure, a customized boat tour is the best way to witness everything that makes your vacation a time to remember. By picking and choosing every activity you hope to enjoy, you'll ensure your family and friends have the time of their lives with Kona Offshore Adventures.

Did you know that nearly 87 million Americans participate in recreational boating? Talk to the professionals at Kona Offshore Adventures to book the next "booze cruise" for you and your friends.

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