4 Ocean Adventures For Your Summer Bucket List

snorkeling experience.jpg

Summer is almost here, and it's time to start making the list of all the activities you want to do during your summer vacation. Plenty of families value their vacation time, and nearly four out of five domestic trips are for leisure purposes. These activity opportunities are only possible during your summer vacation, so make sure you add these exciting ideas to your summer bucket list.

  • Boat tours: Visiting the Hawaiian islands for the first time? Make sure you schedule time to see the islands in a whole new way by going on a boat tour. You'll see parts of the islands you'd have otherwise missed, and you'll get a great day out on the water too.

  • Snorkeling experiences: Many types of fish and other marine life can only be found in the warm waters of the islands, so don't miss your chance to get up close and personal with tropical fish, turtles, and more. Snorkeling experiences can be great for people of all ages, especially if your little ones are curious about the ocean. Just be sure that any cameras you bring to catch snapshots of your family swimming with the beautiful wildlife are waterproof!

  • Whale watching: Whales are fairly elusive animals, so the opportunity to see one in person is relatively rare. If you're able to schedule a whale watching experience during your vacation, you should try to do so; it's a potentially once-in-a-lifetime experience that you won't want to miss.

  • Swimming with dolphins: With their friendly personalities, it's hard to not love dolphins. When you're planning your ocean activities, make sure you leave yourself some time to get up close with these beautiful animals. It can be an eye-opening experience, and the kids are sure to have a blast seeing their favorite animals swimming alongside them.

Many of the opportunities you'll have during your vacation in the islands are opportunities you won't come by elsewhere. Make the most of them while you're traveling so you can tell everyone all about your incredible island vacation when you get home. For more information or to schedule your offshore adventure today, contact Kona Offshore Adventures.