Slot for Troll Killers

Analysis of the Slot Game Troll Hunters

Did you know that our Scandinavian Viking ancestors frequently took swords into the wilderness and wouldn’t return without the severed head of a troll? Perhaps it wasn’t, though. Play’n GO’s Troll Hunters, an enormous slot with cascading reels, is a tribute to this intriguing but completely imaginary mania with all things troll.

Game Information for Troll Hunters Slots

The cascading 5×5 grid is the first thing you’ll notice about the Troll Hunters slot game. The symbols don’t rotate on reels, but rather drop perfectly into place one on top of another. This new twist on the game requires players to line up at least three symbols in a row, either horizontally or vertically, in order to win.

In this game, three female Nordic warriors go out on a journey to kill a troll that looks like something out of a nightmare (you won’t find any of those pretty little imposters from Dreamworks). The pictures, rendered in a cartoon manner, are really pleasing to the eye, with clear depictions of our courageous soldiers standing tall against a backdrop of frightening mountains. The reels freezing up once the terrifying troll shows up, and the animated snow, are also wonderful touches. The sounds of birdsong, running water, and soft breezes are pleasant additions to the visuals.

To take part in the search, you may make a minimum deposit of $0.20 and a maximum of $100 every spin.

Troll Hunters Slot Machine Symbols, Features, and Extras

The layout of the Troll Hunters slot machine limits the variety of possible symbols. You won’t see anything but silver earrings, skull tankards, and huge pieces of flesh, Henry VIII style, along with the three women that went troll hunting. But watch out for the Golden Rune, because that’s the game’s equivalent of a.

Troll Hunters’ most distinctive quality is unquestionably the game’s cascading 5×5 grid-based gameplay (i.e. making horizontal or vertical matches of at least three symbols). Keep in mind that when you make a match, the matching symbols vanish and a wild symbol appears in their stead. This allows for the formation of new combinations, with the creation of more evenly distributed wilds, leading to a large number of little wins in a short amount of time.

Keep an eye on the screen behind the reels as you spin; the word “BONUS” may appear in vertical letters at random moments. If you find the entire word, you’ll activate a bonus round with free spins. Here, you’ll receive eight free games on a second set of reels, with any Viking-related icons (axes, shields, swords, etc.) functioning as scatters. To win, you need to line up at least five identical symbols, making this a more conventional slot machine game. If you get five or more troll symbols, you’ll receive five more spins (up to a total of 20).

There are a lot of free online slots out there, so it might be hard to discover one that is truly unique. Troll Hunters is Play’n GO’s success in this regard. It’s never boring to see wins pile up in this game’s revolutionary cascading reel concept. The bonus round is a nice touch as well, as it differs greatly from the main game and can result in massive winnings.

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